NYVA Studio represents two things: Firstly, it is the name of my workplace, which became known to me shortly after I moved my studio to Kwai Hing in Kwai Chung District of Hong Kong. Secondly, the NYVA name also serves to represent a second line of work, which I will call decorative or design art. As such, it contrasts to the work that is shown in my High Art section. The work offered here is contains both photographs, graphic designs and art prints that I have created over the years but never felt it had a place to be showcased. They are works that I deems as aesthetically pleasing to the eye without the need for prose and lengthly discussion. Just enjoy.

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Mission: Art for Everyone

The aim of NYVA Studio is to begin actively offer art prints that brings joy and beauty to those that love art, but without the high cost of purchasing original artwork at galleries. As such, I have created artworks both paintings and photographs that are not in the ‘high art’ category.

Archival Print Quality: Fine Enough for Galleries

As an fine art photographer, I have always treasured the beauty and finesse that the best printers can offer printed on fine art papers. Fine art papers have been around for many years, but printing processes have only recently been accepted as exhibition or museum purposes. NYVA Studio, the selection of papers comes from the finest the market has to offer, approved by the artist for archival reproduction.

NYVA Signed, Stamped & Approved

All prints created by NYVA Studio are personally supervised by Norm Yip and are stamped-embossed with our own unique NYVA insignia. This embossing is placed in the corner of the image. Fine art papers are used in the printing and printed on the finest inkjet printers for the highest image quality. A Certificate of Authenticity by NYVAS is included with your purchase.