Do you have an office space or business that requires artwork on the walls. We all know that artwork enhances and add ambience, and gives a welcome impression to those that visit your place for the first time. My specialty is painting and graphite drawings, with a good variety of styles that is suitable for many. (Note: Art-leasing is only available in Hong Kong)


How the artworks are price for art-leasing?

Monthly lease rate is based on the size and type of the paintings/artwork.
Painting Lease Rate: HK$.0556/cm2
Graphite Drawings Lease Rate: HK$0.15/cm2

  • Payment Schedule: First payment 3 months; thereafter, you will be billed every 3 month.
  • Minimum rental period: 6 months

All the artworks that are shown on this website, unless sold or otherwise noted, are available for art leasing.

Please contact for more details.


Example 1:
Painting: Le tourbillon de la vie, No. 3, 2017

Painting measures 180 x 120cm, the area = 21,600cm2
21,600cm2 x $.0556/cm2

Monthly rental fee = HK$1,200

Example 2:
Infinity, No. 5, 2015

Painting measures 92 x 92cm, the area = 8,464cm2
8,464cm2 x $.0556/cm2

Monthly rental fee = HK$470

Example 3:
Drawing: Embryo of the Soul, 2002

Drawing measures 79 x 74cm; Area = 5,846cm2
5,846cm2 x $.15/cm2

Monthly rental fee = HK$877

Example 3:
Drawing: White Noise, No. 2, 2016

Drawing measures 100 x 70cm; Area = 7,000cm2
7,000cm2 x $.15/cm2

Monthly rental fee = HK$1,050