My first dream of 2017 had me sitting in a plain room with no decoration. A man walks in this room wearing a button-down shirt and sits himself across from me. He asks me “What are thoughts on the consciousness”? I started to answer him citing different levels on consciousness….
I feel as though the majority of the human race is in low level consciousness, which includes things like mass consumerism, killing, money-driven goals both from an individual and corporate level. The year of 2016 was certainly a shock and eye-opener to the reality of this mode of thinking. Eckhardt Tolle called this low level of thinking ‘unconscious’.

Perhaps 2017 will bring about a small bit of awakening from this kind of thought pattern. Wakening includes small big things like 1) we are all the same as part of a greater ‘whole’, 2) that nothing is ‘real’ as form is an illusion (scientifically this has been shown the case too), 3) spirituality at its core essence is pointing to the same source, for example 4) Buddha and Jesus was talking about the same inner experience and 5) that ‘you’ are not your thoughts, nor your body, as it part of the form or illusion. Also 6) that there is more to what meets the eye in our limited vision of experience (this one get into the preternatural area).
Well, my first post of this kind. I can presume some will disagree with my writings, but I felt this was to be shared, as I started to waken from the dream.