Every now and again I create a small pdf of my recent artworks that I’ve created, along with few other selected artworks. It allows me to relook at works at a certain distance and to also see what really speaks to me; I only include the ones I really like in the mini portfolio. In this case, the newest pieces are the ones that really shine and speak to me.

The first section is called “Le tourbillon de la vie” or rather ‘the whirlwind of life’. They are bright, large colourful canvases filled with large vigorous brushstrokes and gestures. They are free and lively. The inspiration and influence are actually from my own artworks as I relooked at my own Ode to New York paintings, which was created shortly after my visit to the city in 2016. I was determined to reinvestigate the same energy that was encoded into those artworks but with the added dimension of both uplifting and depressing recent experiences in my life.

Le Tourbillon de la vie, No. 2-web

Above: Le tourbillon de la vie, No. 2, 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 140cm. Available for purchase.



Above: Ode to New York, No. 21, 2016. Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 140cm. (This painting is on reserve.)


The following section called ‘Hard:Rewired’ are ones I created during my rebellious mode while recovering from a dog bite. I was angry inside both at myself, the dog and the dog’s owner. I wanted some kind of retribution, but without having to go to serious means. It was bottled-up inside me and through the artwork, I was able in some way to release it to the universe (well, here being on thick card paper). The work that was created during those few weeks helped me experience and explore a different side of myself and artwork. One artwork which I call ‘Molecules’ of Emotion is a direct influence by the writings of Candace Pert, a neuroscientist who believes that the mind and body are intricately connected. Because she believes in spirituality, her work is not taken too seriously within the hard-core scientific community. I actually love her work. Candace thought emotions were stored in the body, at the receptors, and that healthy communication via emotional expression was key to integrating the mind and the body. (http://candacepert.com/)



Above: Molecules of Emotion, 2017. Mixed-media on card, 61 x 51cm. SOLD

In the last section of the pdf, I included some of my old graphite artworks. I still love them. They are meditative and spiritual. Yes, somewhat austere and minimal, but beautiful, if you can see them up close. My artwork is for sale and available for art leasing to those in Hong Kong.