“I was listening to Hans Zimmer at this moment in time. I recall the track from The Dark Knight as I was finishing the piece. The mood foreboding and dangerous, yet beckoning one to enter into the shadows. Come my child. Come.”

Lemuria Series

After delving into various medium and styles of expression, I have arrived at a language of painting that nearly comes full circle from my earliest works, which I can safely say is abstract expressionism or dare I say a derivative thereof. It may be because I still believe that painting and the act of applying colour onto a flat canvas or surface are rooted in our earliest beginnings, as witnessed in cavemen paintings.

The act of recording and expression is paramount in my work. Mark-making and gesture contains within it meaning and intention on an unconsious level. An unromantic notion prevails: it is what I leave behind in form that is the goal of my existence. I don’t feel it is about love nor compassion. That would be too lofty, but perhaps its a way out of this singular consciousness.

In each of the sections, I have given an account of what the process involved in my thinking, whether consciously or post-rationalised, to the audience.

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