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On January 14-15th, 2017, I held my first Open Studio event to showcase the various artworks in my working environment in Chai Wan, an industrial neighbourhood in Hong Kong, known more-so for it’s photography studios, printing houses, garages and storage facilities. The works that are shown in this album are pieces that have been gathered from past exhibitions and shows, meanwhile I have also included some new works. There is always this feeling that the older works are ‘left-overs’, the ones that didn’t sell. Some frames have worn-out corners that have been nicked and scratched from moving about, and paintings where paints have aged, but have now settled. For some photographs, they look and feel nostalgic, matured over time, like fine wine. I feel they hold more authenticity than when I first printed them, having tested and grown over the years. And when I look at some of my graphite artworks, some of the matting has yellowed, and I look at my hand-written signature, the size and placement — they look somewhat amateurish, but I feel it’s entirely okay. I realise that I have grown and my aesthetics have evolved, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I love the artworks dearly as if they were my children, my creations. All the works shown here are available for direct sales from me, if you are so inclined to make a purchase. For any enquiries, please email me at

I want to thank all the people that took the time to drop by. The past week has been intellectually stimulating and rewarding, gaining insight into the work that I do, and in hearing how art can fit within a commercial perspective, while maintain integrity and authenticity in the work that is created. Special thanks to Luke Chapman, Jeff and Cherry Chaicharn, Geoffrey, Patrick, Philippa Ho, Jefferson Ortaleza Mendoza and others. I really enjoyed the conversations and for sharing your experience and knowledge with me.

What I know from the past few days is that dialogue is really necessary, a need for honest and real communication one-on-one with curious and like-minded people with different perspectives to share and talk about art. It does not come from chatting on the internet with fans, or watching youtube interviews of well-known artists. I want to get past the fluffy exterior and into the guts of what is going on. I have always felt that critique is so vitally important in the development of any artist, to learn to take the shit when the art is shit, and to accept compliments gracefully know when you’ve hit on something good. Good honest sincere art exposes you, leaves you naked, a target for judgement.