Garden of Earthly Delights

Acrylic on canvas, 96H x 152W cm


Much of my recent investigations into painting have been influenced by the idea of gesture, brushwork and ways of application onto the surface, while at the same time beginning to introduce figurative elements onto the canvas. I am interested in the additive elements and layering, while revealing some parts and blurring others. I found that nudes or the male figure/anatomy to be my primary focus. I am inspired by the abstract expressionist artists of De Kooning and Corky and also by the wonderful Cecily Brown. In this painting, I utilised a projector and images I collected over time to draw together the idea of my own ‘garden’ of youthful men in a fantasy setting.


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Price: US$6,540.00

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– If you live in Hong Kong, the artwork is stretched on a wood strainer frame.

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