Konstant Khaos, 2019
Acrylic on canvas, 138 x 91cm

November 22, 2019. There are anywhere from 100 – 200 protestors inside PolyU campus, unable to leave because Hong Kong police have barricaded the entire area surrounding the facility. They are running out of food. No one can enter or leave the grounds.

The city has been bombarded by police brutality towards protestors, a man lit on fire, floating bodies being pulled up in Hong Kong’s harbour, and petro bombs being hurled at armoured vehicles.

‘Konstant Khaos’ is a painting filled with the beauty of Hong Kong within a landscape of darkness and horror. Gestures and swirls of energy seem to convey there is still strong energy within its people, and waters continue to flow. When will the city come to a resolution or reconciliation of matters when there is malicious minds are at play?


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