Lemuria, No. 8, 2018
Acrylic on canvas, 100H x 100W cm

My mood became darker during this period of painting, but I have become more attuned to my brushtrokes. I went ahead and bought some new brushes. They were softer and finer compared to the ones I would usually purchase, which are course and hard. I could see where this was taking me, but only after realising my earlier works desired a certain feeling (not look or style). I can see how my feeling were guiding and leading my way of creating the artwork, and not my intellectual analytical left-brain.

In this painting, there were many stages where I felt it could have been a complete painting. I took photos. Although they were what I call accomplished works on its own, I decided to let it go and continue painting. It spoke in the quiet (or cacophony) of my mind to take it further. ‘This has already been done’ was the message. I knew what the message was telling me. I had to take it further and evolve my craft, and thus began a new layer with the softer brushes, and new discoveries into my consciousness.

I was listening to Hans Zimmer at this moment in time. I recall the track from The Dark Knight as I was finishing the piece. The mood foreboding and dangerous, yet beckoning one to enter into the shadows. Come my child. Come.


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