Symphony from the Divine, 2015
Acrylic on canvas, 97 x 152 cm

In the Flow Series, my working tools are a brush and a painting cloth. Globs of paint is vigorously applied onto the canvas. Subsequently, a wet cloth is used to spread the paint to create a ‘ground’ or first layer. There is no desire to represent, but to allow the colours to interact and resonate. It is purely abstract, yet there are feelings or emotions that surface. The sweeping and gentle pull of the cloth as it streaked the surface of the canvas is exciting and innately pleasurable.

Symphony from the Divine is an abstract acrylic artwork in blue, muted greens, orange and rust using large curved gestural marks with sweeping swatches striating vertically up and down the canvas. Vibrant and living colors that harmonize well together in a bright environment.


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Price: US$6,500


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– The artwork is shipped in a crate and insured for the value of the art.
– You are responsible for any customs and taxes in your country.
– If you live in Hong Kong, the artwork is stretched on a wood strainer frame.

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