Yip Fung (葉灃) was born in Canada in 1963 by Chinese parents. After studying fine art in Saskatchewan and architecture in Toronto, he moved to Hong Kong where began working as an architect. In 1999, he decided to transition into fine art and photography, following his deeper passion into his personal interests. He formed a collective called Melo-Melo Artist Alliance with several friends. It was then that his journey into art began. Oscillating between photography as a main source of income and painting as a hobby, he began to assert more attention and time to the latter. He has exhibited mostly in Hong Kong in group exhibitions, yet has recently exhibited in Zurich, Switzerland and The Other Art Fair in New York.


Yip Fung is the phoenetic sound of his Chinese name 葉灃. His English name is Norm Yip. To know more about Norm Yip, please visit