Children still play in Kwai Chung

Abandoned places can be frightening places, but this one felt very much alive because of the new found graffiti that adorned the walls of the building, reminding me of a modern day carnival or amusement park. A child could play here freely. Entering the empty rooms though, I found a quiet beauty inside, mixed and layered with chaos, art, nature, the decaying walls and myself.

As I walked through the grounds, I became drawn to the window openings, obviously destroyed through the elements. These windows were the key, as they framed a ‘picture’ beyond, but without me being able to manipulate the vantage point. It was a given. These pictures were then framed by the building wall, which then became the canvas for the graffiti artist. And finally, me the photographer taking it a level further by framing the entire composition. Several levels were at play: one created by nature, and framed by decaying built matter that was intervened, and finally my own as a witness to the preceding.

The photograph is a play on perspective and perception using the genre of nature, decay and built structure and intervention.


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