Fragrant Khaos
Acrylic on canvas, 138 x 91cm

I completed this painting throughout the night and into the morning, knowing full well that the city outside could be under chaos, as weekend skirmishes have become the norm in Hong Kong. I painted aggressively and with more assuredness than previously. Not afraid to let the paint strokes and brush works be dictated by my thoughts, but through feelings and intuition. I woke the next afternoon and looked at the painting and to my astonishment, I felt the painting was complete. Don’t change a thing I said.

The painting Fragrant Khaos was completed on the 17th weekend of continuing protests in Hong Kong. Gathering in Tamar Park in honour of the Umbrella Movement in 2014. Videos of police brutality continue meanwhile protestors, incited by ongoing incidents, begin to taking more decisive and aggressive vandalism. Fragrant Khaos began more as way to give solace to the stressful nature of living in the vibrant city, considered to be one of the safest places in the world to live, until now.


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