Gluttony, 2013
Mixed-media on wood, 70 x70 cm
In late 2012, I was fortunate to be the curator of an exhibition entitled ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. As such, seven artists including myself, was invited to participate in the show, of which each artist was asked to create 2 sins each in the creation of their art-piece. My chosen sins were Pride and Gluttony. The artwork shown here is Gluttony, as represented in the animal form of a pig. The pig is large, robust and wanton. A bowl of fruit in the upper right is inspired by my yearly visit to the temple, whereby offerings of fruits and meat, are presented to the deities in hopes of financial prosperity and a better life. The orange and yellow are auspicious Chinese colors that compliment the desire for a better, richer life. Symbols here including the 2-directional arrow and cross are representative of the dialectic of such desire: it can be both good and bad. As with most traits in life, there must always be a balance.


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