Lemuria, No. 7, 2018
Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100cm

What I normally do now with many paintings is create several base layers of random, strong brushstrokes using a broad paint brush, but with a careful selection of colours that I hope will give the final painting it’s overall tone. For this initial piece, I chose a combination of green with yellow for the overall tone, a vintage look. I approach the painting with more certainty than others, borrowing from what I learned in doing automatic painting. My hand gestures and mark-makings becoming more attuned to the surface of the paint. I could sense a better understanding of paint consistency and moved into the canvas with greater confidence. I still am consciously creating the composition, and for that I will contend with in the land of Lemuria. I have resisted saying that my paintings are reminiscent of Hong Kong and the landscape of mountains and valleys, feeling that it is too easy and convenient, yet the similarity is certainly there.


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