The Pleasure Factory

Acrylic on canvas, 96H x 152W cm


When I was painting this artwork, I was under huge duress from life’s problems, and as you can tell, the artwork became highly dark, sexual and sinister. Blue-grey colours embody the canvas and the feeling is of despair. It reminds me of The Hermit card in a Tarot deck, but with many Souls awaiting their judgement call. Could this be Hell or Purgatory? I rather like the darkness of this painting though. Why? Because it reached down into me, and as I said to my friend. It’s killing me… these paintings are killing me. The title of the Pleasure Factory is perhaps somewhat sadistic, but when I finished the painting, it felt like an orgy of men at a rave party. It reflects perhaps my memory of such days when I partied hard Bangkok, the druggy atmosphere of sex and men in dark stench-dark places.


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Price: US$5,450.00

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